Saturday 28th April 2018

OPENING: Shauna Lewis, Paula Powell, Nate Peat, Alyesha Warren and Martin Daay
Special Appearances:  American & Jamaica Patron Shanice Archer & Marley Rose Singer and Actress, Fredi Kruga Nwaka REP Luna Children
Sponsor a Child Education & IT Suite Day Angel Foundation
Dinner is served 7pm
Dinner Tickets must be obtained by the 28th March.
Live Auction on the night: Costa Rica 6 Nights ( 2) Guest, 6 Nights Safari Magic of Africa, Le Roch Hotel SPA (2) ,VIP Night (2) The Brit Awards ,02 Arena February 2019, Grace Hamper, Usain Bolt signed T-Shirt
Dress code: Elegant Gents, dinner suit attire and Glamourous Ladies
You can also pay for your drinks by credit or debit card at this event.
Hope you can make it.
Free Parking available from 6.30 pm
Angelfoundation UK JA wants to say Thank you for your never ending support.🙏🏿🇯🇲❤



One thought on “Saturday 28th April 2018

  1. Greetings I was listening to Angel on Supreme FM while I was driving. She was speaking about the wonderful works she has been doing and equipment she has provided thus far – amazing job. Thank you. As I was driving I could not take the number to obtain tickets for the event on the 28th April. Please can you send me the details so o can get tickets and let others know?

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