Project 2018 IT Suite

Several children in Jamaica received funds from UK Diaspora family’s for back to school. In November 2017 the Angel Foundation team visited a Mountain Village named Luna in St Mary, Jamaica to attend the funeral of a 10 year old who died from poverty. The school children and the passed child’s class mates, teachers and villagers all came out to mourn the death of the innocent child that was taken by poverty. Both the church and rural roads were packed to grieve and pay tribute to this 10 year old. Chrisuna Christine Smikkle died due to breathing problems her incredibly poor family could not afford private health care.

Despite Christine’s poverty she used to share her lunch and sweet to her class mates who had none. Inspecting the village they are still using a pit latrin toilet, the houses are no more than shacks and are infrastructure is incredibly poor and could be dangerous for young children. This is the poorest village we have ever seen in Jamaica. What inspired us though was the joy and happiness of the children, despite the poverty, they were very polite well mannered, and were singing songs of praise as there is a deep faith rooted within the people.

Most of the parents cannot afford the schooling and the ones that go cannot afford food, it’s a dire situation. We want all children there to experience a better life. The Angel Foundation JA and partners Jamaicans Inspired are starting the LUNA ADOPT A CHILD EDUCATION PROGRAM.

We want to empower a new generation so that they can experience a better future.

The work began on 07/11/2017
I Donated Clothes and Money with Ms Faith Downie Estate agent in Jamaica

Support us please for our fundraiser For Saturday 4 May at the Millieumm Gloucester


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