Angelia Christian is a rare breed.  Born and bred in Jamaica. Shortly after arriving in the UK  Angel run her business for 20 years floral and beauty  before  she joined HMP Pentonville   in 2000 as an Operational Officer in charge of reducing re-offending rates of the inmates.

One of the first Officers at Pentonville to work with offenders, using horticulture as a means of therapy and transition back into the community, she loves her job and the achievement of the inmates is what gets her up in the mornings.  “I enjoy my work at HMP Pentonville. The best project I have worked on there is the memorial garden I designed created with the inmates. It feels wonderful to see it growing, and blossoming  each day. It sends a message to the Governors and the rest of the community that in the middle of all of today’s woes, that a place of peace and tranquility can be established.  It is the talk of the establishment.

When asked …what did you want to be at the age of seven, her response was, “ I always wanted to be a doctor, but it just never happened”.  That’s in her opinion because to many in the community it would seem she is very much taking care of  and healing many others in the community, here and in Jamaica.

Appropriately named Angelia Christian, was the apple of her mother’s eye, who like most mothers, wanted her daughter to grow up and be famous, and through an unconventional route Angelia is achieving her mother’s wishes.

Success to her looks like the things she is already doing.  It’s not necessarily about climbing the ladder fast, it about what you do, and how you touch others’ lives along the way.  Her day to day achievements add up to success and they include respect from Governors, line managers, peers and inmates. Creating a memorial garden where there was not one before, whilst achieving qualifications as a floral designer, also training as an event organizer, helped her to organize an Ikea summer barbeque for over 700 staff, which also won her acclaim.

Her  fame came through her passion outside of HMP Pentonville.  The Angel Foundation is the charity she recently opened as a result of an accident her two daughters had whilst on holiday in Jamaica two years ago.  She found herself and her daughters having to take a cab to hospital after a swimming accident, as the nearby hospital had no ambulances.  In true Angelia style, after seeing how poorly equipped the St Ann’s Bay Hospital is, she came back to the UK, where her event organizing and fundraising experience kicked in and raised enough money and in-kind gifts to send two ambulances, several operating tables, trolleys and wheel chairs  back to St Ann’s Hospital St Ann’s Bay.  Not only did this gain her great acclaim in the UK, but she is now quite famous in Jamaica, having been recognized by the government, and media, but her work has not gone unnoticed in the UK, at work and in her local community. Looks like her mother’s wishes were granted.

Asked what next…she explains she now has the bug for helping other even more, and alongside her work at Pentonville, she wants to work with the wider community and open a centre for the elderly and the homeless wider community in Jamaica.

What keeps her sane…she tries to take time to relax (really?), keep her passion for the work she does, and as a member of church she believes God will do the rest.

If she were to live her life again, knowing what she now knows – she would do things very differently.  She would handle money, people and life very differently.

Tips she would pass on to others: Believe in yourself, be consistent, be honest, respect yourself and others.

Find out more about Angelia, and her charity: -www.angelfoundation.co.uk email:

She passes the Baton to: Paula Powell  of Sphere Hospitality

Miss Angelia Christian a UK resident returned to Jamaica, the country of her birth, for the first time in over twenty years, on October 20th last year for vacation with her two daughters. While on vacation at a north coast resort, Miss Christian, affectionately called ‘Angel’ by friends, had an unfortunate experience that has today inspired a £10,000.00 mission dedicated to the purchase of well needed medical equipment for the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital.

On the 24th of October, her daughters, ages 12 and 16,  had an accident at the hotel’s swimming pool and were rushed to the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital for emergency care.  Miss Christian was surprised at how quickly the doctors responded and the skill and competency displayed by them. “I want to commend in particular Dr. Tameka Henry who was absolutely fantastic. Sister Carmen Marsh- Smith was also lovely. The staff was very polite and well mannered” expressed Miss Christian.

She was particularly impressed at the level of care demonstrated with the limited resources. “I met with the CEO, Mr. Keith Richards and discussed the hospital and its needs.  The staff at the hospital do a good job in very challenging circumstances”, she commented.

Since the unfortunate incident last year Miss Christian has been on a mission to raise funds to improve the facilities in the A& E Department at the hospital.   “With this in mind I decided that I would do my best to raise some money to help St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital. I am hoping to purchase, 30 beds, 10 wheelchairs, and other medical equipment.  I am also trying to obtain a refurbished ambulance from the NHS” she expressed confidently. Miss Christian’s angelic mission hopes to raise at least £10,000.00, necessary to purchase the well needed equipment for the facility.

Miss Christian, an ex-model has organized many pageants; such as Miss Holland Tropical Beauty Contest and Miss UK Tropical. She now works with Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS) in London, England.

With the support of the Jamaican High Commission in London, her church family, the People Christian Fellowship, Tottenham Hale, as well as friends and colleges at HMPS, Angel will be hosting a Fundraising Dinner on June 30, 2012. This will be held at the Round Chapel in Hackney, London, England commencing at 8:00pm. Speakers at the event include George Ruddock, Acting Director of Jamaica Gleaner in the UK, Yvonne Thompson, Britain’s first black self made woman millionaire and many others. Live entertainment will be provided by special guest, Mr. Emmanuel Waldron, an award winning pianist who has recently played for Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness, The Duke Of Edinburgh, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Duchess Of Cornwall, and the Mayor of London.

“This year marks Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence and I believe that Jamaicans in the UK and right across the world need to participate more in the development of our home country. I invite everyone who has any connection to Jamaica to support this important cause”, proclaimed this inspiring ‘Angel’.

For additional details you can contact Miss Christian at 07507978029 or email angelchristian9@hotmail.com.

“It always seems impossible until it is  done.”
– Nelson Mandela

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  1. Good afternoon Angel,
    I was listening to Galxley radio and heard the interview between you and Abo.
    As my family live in Watt Town St Ann, I was more interested to listen, then you mentioned Browns Town my favourite market to shop when I’m over there.
    I love what you are doing in Jamaica because the children need simple books and pens.
    I just want to say keep up the fantastic work.
    And God bless you..

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